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Coastal Caravan Clinic

"I just wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to the guys and girls at Adria-Pacific Australia, and Coastal Caravan Clinic at Gosford for doing some Adria warranty work on our caravan recently.

We had a slight problem with 2 windows on the van which needed to be replaced. They were sent from Adria-Pacific in Brisbane to Gosford very promtly in just a couple of days, no questions asked - I just emailed them a photo of what I was concerned about (a bit of moisture between the two skins).

"Our annexe was shredded in a bad storm. Harry and his team went out to the caravan park in the wind and rain, photographed the damage, took what was left of the annexe down, drew up a quote, negotiated with the insurance companpany's assessor, ordered a replacement and set the new annexe up. All of this happened without our having to drive up from Sydney. We were very happy. Harry is very obliging."

They provide fantastic service. It's a family run business and they are real professionals.

Really great customer service and top marks for knowing their product.

Absolutely first class aftersales service. Friendly and helpful when replying to queries or offering advice.


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